How the Pandemic Had Affected Online Casinos in Asia

COVID-19 was clearly going to affect almost every business when the entire world went on quarantine in 2020. But after some time in quarantine, certain industries have seen unprecedented development. One such industry is online casinos, in fact, online gambling has benefited greatly from worldwide travel bans. As you’ll see below, this increase will continue beyond COVID-19.

New Poker Players Up 255 Percent

Since the start of the lockdowns, the world has seen a 255 percent rise in new online poker players. The poker sector has grown by 43% in the last five months. About 40 million gamblers in Asia play poker, making it a popular casino game. It’s also a skill-based game, which appeals to gamblers who prefer to have some influence over the outcome. Poker is also the sole legal casino game in several southeast asian countries. 


65.7 % Tax Revenues in Asian countries

Revenues decreased by 61 percent after Hong Kong, Singapore and many others closed their land-based casinos in March. A month later, the online casino’s income tax was up 65.7% worldwide. China has the most lenient online casino legislation. So, rising earnings from online casinos show the industry’s sector during COVID-19. Singapore, which had the third-best online gambling income last year, lost tax revenue due to the shutdown of land-based casinos. However, internet casino tax revenue increased its expansion.


Gaming Apps and Websites

During COVID-19, social internet gaming is developing faster than before. Because businesses are closed around the world, individuals are staying home more. The uninitiated should know that social gaming is not real money gambling. Whether alone, with friends or strangers. The nicest thing is that it’s all live. You may show off your poker talents at Maxim88 to players worldwide without risking real money.


All new bonuses for all new players

Bonuses are undeniably a draw for online casinos and sportsbooks. They provide new gamers temporary free casino money. If you win, you may securely pay out. But they usually have certain regulations that should be properly read. Either way, bonuses are a great chance to try out online casinos. You may use a no deposit bonus to try out Maxim88 games. If you’re happy, you can deposit money. Maxim88 also provides loyalty rewards. If you’re a big roller, look for our exclusive VIP benefits.


Push for apps for Mobile Casinos

Although the Asian online casino industry is new, it has adopted the latest technologies. That includes mobile betting, a new business trend. Unsurprisingly, more Maxim88 patrons are using mobile devices to download our app. Yes, a gambling app can be installed if you prefer native apps. You can play slots on your phone without an app if you choose. The experience of utilising an app vs a mobile website is very similar. You can actually play on the same site, only this time, its conveniently packed in your phone screen.


Increased Bet Amounts

During COVID-19, people not only gambled more, but also bet huge. Land-based high rollers trying out online casino games have boosted betting activity. It also comes from avid gamblers with extra time since many businesses have closed. However, between June and July, the growth in betting sums seems to have slowed. Of course, people wouldn’t keep increasing their bets if they had no income. But for a brief while, Maxim88 saw huge revenue increases.



Since COVID-19 hit the world, several companies have closed, furloughed, or dismissed staff. But internet gaming enterprises like Maxim88 are still growing strong, and will continue doing so for the near future.