Learning Different Types Of Sports Odds

Learning Different Types Of Sports Odds

What Is The Types of Sports Odds

Figuring out the attractiveness or fairness of the sports odds for a game can be quite difficult. Reading the sports odds is even harder. Although the odds in sports are written in different ways, they mean the same thing in the end.

Under consideration in this article are the U.S odds, Hong Kong odds, Fractional, as well as Decimal odds.


  • S Odds

These odds get at least three-digit numbers that are bigger than 100. They are the ones used in Canada and the U.S. These odds use negative numbers to indicate bets that will pay less than even the money.

To explain this, it means that the amount of money to win $200. For an odd of -200, you’ll make a profit of $100 even if you bet $200. A positive number, on the other hand, is used to indicate the amount you stand to win if you bet $100.


  • Hong Kong Odds

These kinds of odds are similar to the decimal odds. The only exception is that Hong Kong odds do not consider the original bet. What that means is that Hong Kong odds of 1.00 even odds. A bet of $1 will give you an equivalent amount in wins. These odds are simple to understand.


  • Decimal Odds

These odds are most common in continental Europe. They are written in the form of numbers greater than one. To put this simply, these odds indicate the amount you’ll get back for every dollar you use to place abet. Decimal odds also mean that you’ll make a profit of 50 cents if you place a bet with $1, and the odds are 1.50.

This means the same as the fractional odds of 1/2 and the same with the U.S odds of -200. Two decimal places are used to express this kind of odd.


  • Fractional Odds

These odds are the simplest to understand, and the most talked about, as well. Fractional odds are used in the United Kingdom but are sometimes used in North America. They are expressed in fractions, as the name suggests.

If the odds on a game are 3/2, for instance, and you place a bet using $2, you’ll make a $3 profit on such bet. Even payoffs on fractional odds are at 1/1. Payoffs that are less than even money are expressed in using fractions less than one -. Using a fractional odd of 1/2, for example, placing a bet of $2 will earn you a profit of $1.

The easiest way to understand this is that the numerator (that is, the number on top of the fraction) indicates the amount you’ll be paid as profit and not your total earning on the bet placed.

To explain this further, if you win a total of $5 on a bet whose odds are 3/2 and the amount you place on a bet is $2, $3 is your profit and $2, the amount you bet with.


Wrapping It Up

Understanding these odds and what they represent will assist you in placing bets wisely.


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