List of movies about Sports Betting that you should definitely check out.

List of movies about Sports Betting that you should definitely check out

Sports Betting Movies That You Should Know

Nothing teaches us more on lessons about life than movies about sports betting, it is a valuable tool to help us keep gambling enthusiasts’ (such as ourselves) head straight and guide us to focus on other things in life other than betting. Betting is fun and games until one gets too addicted, and we get it, it is indeed a very addictive game; but entertainment should remain as entertainment, and we should never let it dictate about life. Here is a list of movies about sports betting that you should definitely check out if you are a bettor yourself: 


Lay the Favorite (2012) 

Lay the Favorite is an american comedy directed by Stephen Frears, it is about a newbie who signed up to work for a well-known bookie played by action star Bruce Willis (Die Hard) in Las Vegas. Bruce Willis and his team eventually got into trouble with the police and they get into some really interesting and funny situations while trying to escape. This movie can be used as a guide book to introduce newcomers into the world of underground sports betting, it is thrilling, exciting, funny and it never let your attention slip away. The movie also spends a minute or two to teach us how to trick the system and earn big, but be careful not to get too greedy, or you just might find yourself in the same situations as our female lead (Rebecca Hall) here. 


Bookies (2003)

Bookies is a coming of age drama about, well, bookies who are also teenagers. A ‘bookie’ is slang for bookmaker — a person that takes bets for horse racing or other sports game. Obviously this is not a job for young children, which is what makes this movie so interesting because you get to watch these characters grow as people through their job and the consequences they had to face when they got into trouble with, not the police, but mobsters. It is directed by Mark Illsey, running on a budget of a whopping 8.4 million USD.


Even Money (2006)

Even Money is a crime thriller that stars Kim Basinger and Danny Devito (shown in the attached photos above) among other stellar cast. The movie can be rather upsetting to watch at times as it sets out to teach us the consequences one has to face when they get in too deep and bite more than they can chew in the underground sports betting scene. It is a valuable lesson that all bettors should learn, in our opinion. The movie is directed by Mark Rydell whom worked on other projects such as The Cowboys and James Dean. 


The Color of Money

Last but not least we have arguably the best movie on this list, seeing how this is the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese we are talking about here (Goodfellas, The Last Temptation of Christ). Just one look at the phenomenal cast — action stars Tom Cruise and Paul Newman — is enough to make any cinephile wet their pants. The movie’s plot centers around a newbie pool hustler and his mentor. It is in the top 100 movies that you should see before you die, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Are you planning to check out any of these movies? We hope you do. There are some things in life that you can learn just by watching movies, often based on real life stories. If you enjoyed these movies that we have recommended, make sure to check out our other articles about sports betting as well. 


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