Report: Shane Steichen to Take Over Play-Calling for Chargers

Report: Shane Steichen to Take Over Play-Calling for Chargers

Report: Shane Steichen to Take Over Play-Calling for Chargers


It is now time for a change for the supporters of Los Angeles Chargers as the team line up goes through a change. This shocking news comes just after Ken Whisenhunt is taken off the team. Even though Ken Whisenhunt has been with the team for a while now, he has been let off on the evening of October 28th, Monday.

However, it is not all bad news for the team as Los Angeles Chargers are already looking in for a new offensive coordinator who can replace Whisenhunt and take the game further for the rest of the season. It is particularly important to find a worthy replacement as the game season looms in for the team.


Rumor has it, as announced by that of NFL Network, specifically by Ian Rapoport, Shane Steichen is being considered as one of the leading candidates to replace Ken Whisenhunt. Now, even though Shane Steichen has been filling other duties, quite different than that of an offensive coordinator, this is still pretty good news for the supporters and the team as Shane Steichen comes from a tremendous background in sports, specifically with quarterbacks.

If Shane Steichen’s history is considered, it can be seen just how involved Steichen has been with the NFL. Before he joined the NFL, Steichen has been seen to have quite an engaging life with the sport as he played as a quarterback in his college, UNVL. After that, he swiftly transformed it for his fulltime profession when he decided to join as an offensive assistant for Louisville.

This was perhaps one of the very first steps he took to a quite promising future in the game. 


After fulfilling the role of an offensive assistant for almost a year, in 2011, he moved to become a defensive assistant for the Los Angeles Charger. He was to be guided and helped by Norv Turner. It was quite a time for the Los Angeles Charger and for Steichen as he sought it to be a more permanent move in his career.

Even though Steichen took a year off to join the Cleveland Browns in 2013, he came right back to L.A. Chargers in 2014. In the meanwhile, for that particular year for Cleveland Browns, he played the role of an offensive quality control coach. This proved Steichen to be someone quite equipped to take different roles within the NFL and thus, even though he is the defensive coach now, he is also being considered to replace Whisenhunt.


This change within the team may bring good days in the future. Steichen, with the possibility of him taking care of the play-calling responsibilities, is shown to be quite the fit. Too bad, however, for Whisenhunt as his sudden firing is considered to be one of the big blows in his career. This has come upon due to the unfortunate incident that happened in Chicago on Sunday.

Now, only time can tell what the future has in store for the NFL star of L.A. Chargers.