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Serbia’s Euro 2020 Qualifier at Home to Luxembourg to be Played Behind Closed Doors

Serbia’s Euro 2020 Qualifier at Home to Luxembourg to be Played Behind Closed Doors


UEFA Euro 2020 is perhaps one of the most anticipated leagues out there and supporters all over the world are eagerly waiting to see the nail-biting games which will end with a loss for the team or a victorious win. This entire experience can be one of a kind for each and every supporter of all ages.

However, it is something that has to be missed out by Serbia. It is due to the unfortunate announcement that Serbia’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Luxembourg, which was scheduled to take place in the home grounds of Serbia itself, has been declared to play behind closed doors. This means that no audience can take part in watching the thrilling game of Serbia VS Luxembourg as it will decide who will qualify for the next round. Not only that, it has gone much intense for Serbia as UEFA takes further measures.


This all comes to action after Serbia was observed to be breaking quite a few rules and regulations regarding the field. However, this action was particularly taken against Serbia due to the fact that the Serbian audience was told to be promoting racism along with taking a part in it. It was, perhaps, conducted more severely in the Serbia VS Portugal game where Serbia scored 2 goals next to Portugal’s win with 4 goals. This decision, by the UEFA, was taken right after.


However, Serbia has not only been accused of racism. The Football Association of Serbia was also accused of certain another breaking of rules which particularly included the usage of fireworks as a manner of celebration. This is particularly looked down upon as it may impose threats on the safety of the audience along with the players and other members involved in the game.

Not only that, but Serbia also broke the rules when they failed to maintain security and allowed fans to run havoc in the game; some of them actually showed up on the pitch! This entire “shenanigans,” as it has occurred, took place in the single game of Serbia VS Portugal, which prompted the action taken against them.


Ultimately, the Football Association of Serbia had to pay a steep fine of £28,550 for the latter two offenses whereas the racist behavior led to the more serious consequence of having two indoor games. However, the bad news did not stop just there for the Serbia supporters.

The second match, which was due to happen indoors, is not to happen for one whole year as UEFA decided to suspend it for the time being. This is quite devastating for the Serbian football team as they are in Group B and doing quite well with the third position, having maintained a steady performance throughout.


Wrapping up, the Serbian team can be seen to be starting their journey on a rough foot. However, it does not indicate a complete loss as they are still set to move forward with having Luxembourg on 14 November in Serbia’s majestic Rajko Mitic Stadium.