Superstar DJ Martin Garrix to Pen Official Song for Euro 2020

Superstar DJ Martin Garrix to Pen Official Song for Euro 2020

Superstar DJ Martin Garrix to Pen Official Song for Euro 2020


The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship will initiate at Dublin, Ireland, paving the way for a grand tournament to commence. In the summer of 2020, the inception of this event’s musical score will be provided by a supreme superstar, the eminent DJ Martin Garrix.


DJ Martin Garrix: the Superstar

Martin Garrix was announced to officiate the tournament’s soundtrack, in a craze at the Amsterdam Dance Event on Saturday, October 19. Honored by this opportunity, Martin humbly expressed his utmost gratitude to worldwide audiences in appreciative statements.

Football is truly a globally recognized sport, and it requires a globally recognized artist to truly highlight the goals of such a marvelous event. With a plethora of EDM hits under his belt, the 23-year-old DJ is set to inspire all of Europe with his bass-boosted beats and tranquil melodies which will thump many hearts onto greatness, victory, motivation, and most importantly according to Martin himself, ‘unity’.


The Reveal of the Song

A sensational performance at Amsterdam, a sold-out gig called RAI, was the first reveal of his UEFA Euro 2020 collaboration. This was represented by the unforgettable Henri Delaunay Cup, the champion’s trophy, with which Martin passionately walked out on stage with at the Amsterdam event, to showcase his upcoming composition.

The song will be disclosed in the spring of 2020. Another musician will accompany Martin. So, the opening ceremony at the Olimpico in Rome on 12th June 2020 will be carried by these two artists, and spectated by billions.


Various nations will be hosting the championship, and their respective stadiums are truly a marvel to be a part of, because when the crowd chants towards their beloved teams, it also creates a sense of rhythm and melody, towards this powerful sport. The Johan Cruijff ArenA, from Amsterdam, is among the many spectacular stadiums which professionals will grace the football field with, others include Dublin Arena and Hampden Park from Scotland.


Martin’s Spectacular Work

Martin’s preferred genre of music blends perfectly with the exhilaration, and vitality of football. Besides producing the official song of the tournament, Martin Garrix will also compose and produce the official walkout tune, and melodies for usage on official broadcasts.

He has an abundance of meaningful songs to his name and also collaborations with talented singers. His first big hit ‘Animals’ skyrocketed him into fame, and thus the young man’s career is at an absolute high, at such a young age even. He has set great benchmarks, especially from his hometown of Amstelveen, Netherlands. His history with music and hard work are sure to empower and motivate musicians who are still struggling to make it big in the industry.

Winning the best EMA (Electronic Music Award) this year, from MTV, is a strong indication of Martin’s special ability to rise like a champion.


Wrapping up, determination exists in all forms and it is very existent in the history of football’s elite teams. From kickoff to the final whistle, may the power of melody and football persist.