The Most Famous Sports Betting Losses in History

The Most Famous Sports Betting Losses in History

The Most Famous Sports Betting Losses in History

While winning is on everybody’s tongue, losing is rarely spoken of in sports betting, yet it is part of the game and stirs up feelings just as strong as those of winning but only in the opposite direction. It is common for even the betting companies to showcase the biggest Jackpots and their winners on electronic and print media. However, the truth is that there are also just as big losses and, often, more on the losing end. The world has seen many big bet winners, and they are known. It is the big sporting bets losses that might stir you from some form of slumber. These losses are regarded as famous not just because of the money but that the losers are famous people either in the world of sports, or lovers of the game or both. Of course, no one wants to lose in a bet but it is a realistic outcome. Reading through these chronicled losses might make you weep but they are part of the betting game. At the end of the day, you will be grateful that it did not happen to you.

The Cupcake Loss by Vegas Dave

He is well known for posting his big sports betting wins on social media platforms. Vegas Dave is from the USA. He had been a regular on Instagram, bragging about how he had made big wins, and making predictions of his next big exploits. In 2016, however, he was forced to swallow his pride when he placed a $1 million bet on the champion for the MMA female competition named Miesha cupcake on the occasion of the UFC 200. The duel was between Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate and a one Amanda N. Miesha was to be challenged for her bantamweight title. The cake was beaten fair and square, worse still, within the first three and a half minutes of the bout. With the loss in just about three minutes, Davis Oancea lost $1 million. He stayed out of the betting scene for a while, though he claimed to have been more concerned about the injury that Miesha had sustained than the money he had lost. And the next was, yes, you guessed it right

Michael Jordan: $1.2 million

Few knew that he was ardent sports better and a notorious gambler too, apart from his intriguing stunts on the basketball cot. Now, Michael decided to place his money on the rather interesting sporting competition. Jordan lost $ 1.2 million after a golfing and betting episode that lasted 10 days. He, however, managed to pull it down to$700 through golf play-offs

Steven Richards

He is a roofing contractor and a notorious better in sports. He started enjoying an accumulator bet that started at £10 in 2013. He decided to bet up and increased his wager to $52, 800. The wins got the better of him. He decided to up the stakes further. He placed a bet on yet another rugby match between Wales and Australia. He did not bet with 10 pounds. No! Steve Richards placed a whopping $30 000 on Wales to beat their opponents. Well, if the match had gone for Wales, Steve would have been some £55, 000 richer. Australia beat Wales by 30 to 26 in that match.