The Top 7 Sports Betting Contests

The Top 7 Sports Betting Contests

The Top 7 Sports Betting Contests

The concept of sports betting began back in 1978. Julius “Sonny” Reizner introduced the first version with his very high-stakes football betting contests.

Below are the top 7 sports betting contests in the world:

  • Westgate Casino – SuperContest

This sports betting contest is likely the most famous. To enter the SuperContest, you’ll have to pay a sum of $1500, and you’ll stand a chance to win up to $1 million in prize money.

The contest is called the ultimate pro-football handicapping challenge. The punter with the most points after the NFL season walks away with the biggest prize.

  • Westgate Casino – SuperContest Gold

This sports betting contest offers you more in prize money than a million dollars. The entry fee is about $5000. To place a bet, participants select 5 out of the NFL games that are available for the week.

The persons who have the overall points at the end of the NFL season gets to go home with the 100 percent of the entry fee. That means you get to win more money.

  • Golden Nugget – The Ultimate Football Challenge 

Instead of covering just the NFL, this contest covers all NFL games as well as college football. Participants are invited to pick seven each week, which amounts to 119 games for 17 weeks. 

Individuals are permitted to have two entries, and entry costs $1,000. This platform gives a better winning chance because only those who finish in the top 20 gets the prize money.

  • Pick the Pros Football Contest

This contest has been on for a long time, and it affords participants to play in different locations across the state of Nevada. 

There is no entry fee for this contest. This contest runs weekly that increases your chances of winning. The prize money is $500,000.

  • William Hill – Pro Pick ‘Em

They operate two football contests. You can play these games on your sportsbooks. They have a low entry fee of $25, punters can put in 15 different entries, and the prize money is $300,000.

What participants need to do to stand a chance of winning is pick the winner of the games that are played on Sundays and Mondays throughout the NFL regular season.

  • William Hill, College Pick ‘Em

This contest is believed to be Nevada’s best college football handicapping contest. The entry fee is about $500, and a participant has the chance to in 4 different entries.

From 25 preselected games, punters have the opportunity to choose seven college football games. The total prize money is $75,000 and a bonus of $25,000 by picking 49 or more winners.

  • Stations Casino, The Great Giveaway

This contest is centered on the NFL, and its entry fee is $25. This contest has “no-lose” assurances, that means playing all the 17 games for the week will get you your entry fee back, that’s about $70.

The punter who picks the most losers gets a house; the second gets $12,500, and the third, $7,500.

Wrapping It Up

Sports betting is actually quite interesting and exciting. The thrill of winning and even the pain of losing are all part of the game. Try out the betting contest you think fits you most.