Who would have thought some mischievous monkeys can be responsible for some mouth watering, truly lucrative payouts in the world of online slot games. Watch as these monkeys swing around without a care in the world in this all new Triple Monkey video slot available exclusively to all Maxim88 gamers.


Gorgeously Designed Slot

Here we have an  innovative reel structure that provides Triple Monkey players with 720 distinct possibilities to line up symbols for a winning combination. Among these symbols are the three monkeys extracted directly  from the popular proverb ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,’; in other words, each of the three monkeys in the triple monkey game represents protection, avoidance or just plain ignorance from the evils that surround them. This is visually represented as each monkey having their ears, their mouth and their eyes covered with their own hands.This aligns with the philosophical themes of the slot game. 


Intricate Systems

This slot game’s creative design, which divides the five reels and each row of symbols into two halves by the trunks and branches of trees, was noted by our review group. This scenario is set against a jungle-themed backdrop, and it is done in a cartoon manner, with some lovely animations playing out when you hit a prize-winning combination. 3 rows, 4 columns, and 3 rows are used to arrange the reels in Triple Monkey. A total of 720 potential winning combinations are present in the game , in order for the player to win they would have to land three symbols that match each other in a consecutive manner. The matching symbols would be dependent on neighbouring reels, it is read starting on the left side in any position.


Entertaining Music

The sublime jungle drums music playing in the background of the Triple Monkey slot game adds to the overall enjoyment of the game, it is reminiscent of the classic nintendo game DONKEY KONG. The music also appears to be of high quality, and our reviewers have nothing negative to say about it. 


Low Minimum Bet

The only potential drawback from this game is that the game only has a low minimum bet of 0.50 per spin and an average return-to-player percentage that is on a level that we would call mediocre. Indeed, the payout rate is only at a rate that is barely accepted by the majority of slot game fans, among all the high quality slot games provided at Maxim88, this is already considered to be at a major competitive disadvantage. The vast majority of gamblers will be completely content placing their bets at this level. And, while it might be better, the 95 percent return on investment isn’t too shabby.



Let’s not waste each other’s time by simply talking about the game, some games need to be experienced first hand in order for it to be truly appreciated.  Take a look at our Triple Monkey online slot review to find out if players will be going ape for this game, which can be found exclusively for all members at your go to centre of online casino games — maxim88. Create an account and play Triple Monkey slots today.