UEFA EURO 2020 Play-Off Draw: All You Need to Know

UEFA EURO 2020 Play-Off Draw: All You Need to Know

UEFA EURO 2020 Play-Off Draw: All You Need to Know


The ultimate rounds of the playoff for the UEFA EURO 2020 are about to happen and it is creating quite a nail-biting environment for the supporters and the operators involved. As the final four spots remain up for grabs, this means the playoffs will be the ultimate game to decide who will be up to fight for the coveted title of the UEFA EURO 2020 champion. This means that there will be four different matches held to see who goes forward.


The Predicted Pathways

For the time being, the European Qualifiers includes the scenario of having Switzerland, Iceland and either Bulgaria, Israel or Romania for Pathway A. On the other hand, Pathway B consists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland. For Pathway C, however, Norway and Serbia are confirmed along with Scotland, which is confirmed for the playoffs, and, either, Bulgaria, Israel or Romania. And last but not the least, for Pathway D, North Macedonia, and Kosovo are confirmed along with Belarus and Georgia, the latter two being confirmed for the playoffs.


The Arrangement of the Matches

Even though these lineups are quite uncertain till the matches confirm a winner, this is still a reliable prediction for the supporters who are still waiting to see who have ultimately qualified and how the matches are going to proceed. Not only that but also, the playoffs that are to happen are also quite differently arranged than that of previous matches as these will be conducted in a single leg knockout fashion and thus, the qualifiers will be decided soon.

However, in the main semi-finals, the arrangement will include the team who scored and ranked in the first position against the team who scored and ranked in the fourth position, according to the UEFA Nations League board. The second semi-final match, on the other hand, will include teams who ranked as the second and the third. And thus, both the winners will qualify to take part in the tournament.


What Is Different This Time?

This method of qualify can come as quite a surprise for those who are used to seeing teams qualifying automatically. As the matches are now held on a much larger scale, with 12 countries in Europe involved as the location for venues, this further indicates the change where all the teams have to play for the qualifier rounds where only 20 teams make it to the big game.


The Dates

This new format that has been created for the UEFA EURO 2020 has ultimately been a ride for all those looking forward to the game. The main playoff draw, where the home ground is to be determined, is scheduled to take place on November 22 whereas the final tournament draw will take place on November 30. Further down, the semi-finals and the finals for the playoffs are to happen on the dates of 26 March 2020 and 31 March 2020 respectively. And finally, the final tournament is to start from 12 June 2020 to 12 July 2020.