UEFA EURO 2020: Where Each Team Could Play

UEFA EURO 2020: Where Each Team Could Play

UEFA EURO 2020: Where Each Team Could Play


UEFA EURO 2020 speaks for itself when it comes to exciting the fans and well wishers. However, the game is just one of the factors. All the other elements to the game has been up for speculation, starting from the qualifying teams, the team members, the oppositions, even the venues involved. Even though who will win and what the score will be for each team has to be waited for, the venues, on the other hand, are already predictable. So, it can help the fans to understand and be involved with the game even before it has started. In order to get the fans a vague yet equally exciting idea, here are the possibilities.


Group Stages

For Spain, the possible venues for Group E could be Bilbao in Spain and another possibility could be in green city Dublin, Ireland. These places also apply for Ukraine, Belgium and Poland as all these three teams have the possibility to have their Group E games at Bilbao and Dublin. However, Belgium, Poland and Ukraine also have other places in common such as Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Glasgow, Copenhagen, London, Rome or Munich. However, for Italy, there is only one possibility and that is Rome.


Round of 16

Now, when it comes to the possibilities regarding Round of 16, Italy has some venues which are quite exciting. They are Bilbao, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Bucharest and London. The fans of Ukraine, Poland and Belgium can also expect something similar for themselves as these three have possible venues in Bilbao, Amsterdam and Glasgow along with other tremendous venues such as London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Budapest and Bucharest. On the other hand, for Russia, the possible venues differ a little with Saint Petersburg, Munich, Rome and Baku whereas for Spain, the venues are perhaps in Glasgow, Copenhagen, Bilbao or Budapest.


Quarter Finals

It is now time to predict the most exciting of Quarter final possibilities. Ukraine, Belgium and Poland have the same possible venues for their Quarter finals which are Saint Petersburg, Munich, Rome or Baku. This is also the same for Spain, Italy and Russia.


Semi Finals

Now, when it comes to the semi finals, it is perhaps one of the most anticipated stage for any supporters and thus, it is of utmost importance to understand where the fans and the supporters might be led to. Thus, this venue is perhaps the best options for anyone who is eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats to figure it out. The possible venue for the semi finals is in London, the ultimate oh-so-British metropolitan city of England. It can be considered great news for the British people and the Queen, perhaps.


Lastly, the ultimate finals venue can also be seen to be taking place in no other place but London itself. Thus, the ultimate destination for the supporters is right at the hustling and bustling London in the United Kingdom and this, in the long run, can be seen as a one of a kind experience for anyone who is visiting London for the first time or for the hundredth time.